KALAKRITEE is a Tailoring shop

by the blessings of Hare Krisna, Do the designer outfits donned by the actresses and models make you feel envious? If the perfect fit, chic design and beautiful fabric makes you say ‘How I wish I had the same dress”, we can surely create great designs for you! How nice it would be if you had your own personal designer who gives you the perfect cut and design for all of your dresses or a designer who could make your tuxedo stand out from the rest! We, at KalaKritee, do exactly that for you! We are an online fashion portal providing professional customized tailoring and designing assistance to you for all your clothing needs.
Wait; let's not leave the men behind! If you are thinking that we provide fashion solutions to ladies only, you are mistaken! We provide customized fashion solutions to men as well! After all men deserve to look good as much as women do! At KalaKritee, we will fulfill your wish by catering to all your clothing and designing needs. With each cut and stitch, our creative artisans put in the best of their expertise to make your clothing a masterpiece without compromising on your comfort. Be it your wedding dress, ethnic dresses or western clothing, we always try and personify your style and attitude while providing quality and durability. As they say, ‘When you wear something good, you feel good!’ Our skilled artisans do complete justice to their art by creating clothing and dresses that redefine fashion thereby instilling confidence in you. We never leave any stone unturned to help you leave an unforgettable impression on the world.

Our Top Designs

We are committed to give you quality, whether it is in fabric, fit or in our workmanship. When you meet our traveling tailor, you meet amongst the best stylists who undertake your project.  ​When you meet our partners, you meet the career experts who have been trained in our system, to take the right measurements and carry out last mile fitting. 

Our services

Alteration services

The most common reason to visit an alteration shop is to have hems and sleeves adjusted on skirts, dresses, jeans, slacks, shirts, bouses and blazers.

Ready to Wear Men Suits

Readymade Suits or Shirts are designed on standard mannequin patterns & produced

Suits by Regular Tailors

Either they are very expensive or very bad. They can be bad even if they are expensive!


Welcome to the home of Kalakritee - KrishOverseas who provide an exclusive tailoring for wedding.